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The ultimate V911 Battery?

All this battery talk has made my head spin!

It seems WL Toys have moved from one proprietary battery to another and nobody understands why.

So, what if we dump WL Toys' batteries alltogether , make our own battery trays from a length of heatshrink CA glued to the bottom of the skids and solder a nice long wire with a connector on it to the mainboard? That would also make it easier for those of us installing scale fuselages to adjust the CG or move the battery inside the fuselage. I actually think a stock V911 might do well with having the CG moved just a little forwards. It seems all three of mine fly faster in reverse than any other direction...

Which battery would you choose if you consider capacity, value for money, weight and availability not only of the batteries, but also of a suitable charger and pigtails with the appropriate connector? Local hobbyshop availability would be great.

I would not be opposed to being able to fly all my micro helicopters (including any future ones of different makes) off the same batteries. For my V911/Hughes 500 I would actually like a shorter/broader battery (like the one in the S107G) which could be installed inside the fuselage against the PCB, but it would be nice if that also used the same connector / charger as whatever I use on the other birds.

I have six batteries now (one has gone missing), but may very well decide to mod all my birds to fit something else once those start dying.

PS: I replaced the receiver PCB in my original Blue/White and she now flies again. Still unsure whether that was a wise investment as the receiver was more than half the price of a new BNF, but I would have felt bad breaking her up for spares...

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