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Originally Posted by cacrawf View Post
LG, I've found a ton of building info, tuning info, video, etc. My tricopter (based on 2.5) is just about ready to go. Everything seems to be working as expected, thanks to all the forum posts, blogs and youtube videos.

What I haven't found anywhere is actual *flying* tutorials or tips.

I've spent time in simulators (using my TX plugged into my PC), and have also spent a lot of time in MSFT Flight Sim, so think i understand the basics of flying fairly well. Just not sure what to expect as I'll be solo'ing on my first time out.

Figure I'll just work on hovering and trimming for first couple flights, then start to do more race-track ovals around a large open field. Any other tips or sources for info? What are typical n00b mistakes in flying multi-rotor (esp tricopter)? Loss of orientation? Over-controlling?
I don't think you can learn to fly from watching a video or reading an article. You've pretty much just got to get out there and do it.

A few key things help, like making sure that you have enough space and don't try and learn in your front room, because that isn't going to work. Don't fly too high because you stand more risk of losing your copter that way Be gentle on the sticks and get the copter up high enough and out of the groundwash effect otherwise it just washes around on the floor.

To start with, stand behind it with the tail towards you and just practice keeping it in one spot. Then progress to moving away and bringing it back to a hover in the same spot. Progress from this to trying to fly a figure of eight. If you start to lose control just flick it back to tail-in and regain control.

Once you've mastered the figure of 8, just keep flying them over and over trying to be quicker and more precise with regards to where your crossover point is. After that it's pretty much downhill from there and the rest will come naturally.
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