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Originally Posted by Saxguy1000 View Post
As I said in post #15351, if you just want fun to fly around the house, the mcx2 is a lot of fun. But, I have to agree that the mSR is a much better trainer for the SR120.
I seriously respect all three of your guys opinions and have taken them into account
and if I was in the states it would be a no brainer and I would get a second hand mSR as there seems to be heaps of them in the classifieds and ebay.

In the UK it is a completely different story. There is the odd one going on ebay at the same prices as a new mSRx and even these are rare. I can't find any uk forums with any for sale in the classifieds and I don't want to go through the hassle of having a second hand one sent over from the states incase anything goes wrong in transit as it is for my birthday which is coming up soon and will be a present from my mum.

From what I have read and seen the mSRX is out of my league inside without a digi tx to tone it down and I actually think my 120SR used in a big park would be a stepping stone to using the mSRX inside lol

My big problem with the 120SR was not that it was well above my skill level but I flew it inside and in my garden with trees and I hadn't flown any heli for a few months before getting straight on that so after giving it a lot of thought and even after what you guys have said. Im still going with the mCX2. which looks a ton of fun and easy going and at some point I will probably end up getting the mSRX anyway.

I will also have the 120SR hopefully up and running in a couple of days which I won't plant straight into a wall or tree and will make a nice contrast between the two helis.

Thanks for all the advice and if it was easy to get the mSR I would have but it's not and the mSRX doesn't sound like a substitute or much fun at all for someone like me

Thanks anyways


I doubt I will get bored anyway. I had a cheap four channel from china that kept me entertained for ages before it finally met its maker and t wasn't anything as cool as the mCX2. I'm easily pleased and really want something I can fly around the house without having to concentrate like an F1 driver.
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