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Originally Posted by Prop-er View Post
A few months back I've designed a similar system, with a tow wound around an oval cam.

You'll find that adding another 2PES, rotated 90, to the madstab will give even better expo.
Wow, this just gets better - extreme taileron control! Very innovative. Three questions, the first two of which may well be related...
  1. In the first vid the right hand cam represents the servo end and the left hand one the tail end, correct? Or is the left hand one an intermediary between the servo cam and a circular disk at the tailplane root?
  2. Above you say that the second 2PES needs to be rotated 90 degrees relative to the first, but in the second video the tail end cam looks to be the same way round as the servo end - I'm obviously missing something here!
  3. How exactly does the cam connect to the linkage itself - does the tow just wind round it, or is there some kind of "hook and eye" setup?
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