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Yup,i have a total of 12 hrs. cutting and mounting templates and bow time.

Well my brother did a lot of the bow time, as i was busy cutting out stations and getting the foam blocks ready. so technically its 24 man hours.

@Walt, I did some measurements last night, looks like some out there on the market will work. its getting the twist and turn option thats going to be tricky.
When i cad'd this up i was using a retract with a 21mm depth, most are all 24-26mm.

The cavity measures 24x66x120mm DxWxL

The only thing i would change on my design is swooping the ducts a little higher, and just tad bit more back over the landing gear cavities.
I also need to thicken up a few stations, I also wish i cut a brace out of every 3rd station to help with some structural support as its completely hollow thru the spine of the fuse. I have no plans on glassing the inside.some of the turtleneck is already smooshy Got to get glass on it fast!

After sitting, staring at what has evolved from some flat foam,to what we have now, and butting brains with my bro, i'm changing up the wing design.

Going to cad up a simple tube in tube spar,with locating pins and few lite ply mounting tabs.

Wieght so far,4.6oz

I can already see my hopes of a 14oz empty airframe weight is going to be more like 16oz
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