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Originally Posted by biker dude View Post
Stock up on feathering shafts, main shafts, flybar rods, and main gears.

This crash wasn't too bad, those are the things I had to replace. I had the parts here so I had the bird back in the air and flying again in an hour. I have had crashes so bad that I've had to replace the main frames.

Also if your just starting out make sure you have plenty of main rotor blades on hand. Look around, you can find nice 325 fiber glass blades for under $10.

Make sure you spend a little money on a decent battery charger too. those small balancing chargers that come with some models don't work very well as far as actually balancing is concerned. You can get a decent charger that works well for 3s lipos for under $50.

Oh yeah...tail booms too. A lot of times your main rotor blades will hit your tail boom in a crash and bend it beyond use. A small ding is O.K. though. The carbon fiber booms seem to hold up better.

Hope this helps.
I actually included a main shaft into the order when i ordered the electronics kit. The pic showed three main shafts. I guess that means they're sold in packs of more than one? Wow, they must really break easy.

My next order is probably going to be carbon fiber tail booms. Is that a good idea? Or will it just transfer the energy to the main frame and tail rotor?

I'm building a flybarless so no flybars, tho the comment about main gears is a bit disconcerting. Most of the mass and kinetic energy is in the propellers so the main gear shouldn't be carrying any load if the motor was turned off o_0
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