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Originally Posted by ENGINETORQUE View Post
You really seem not to have a clue about this!

It makes not one jot of difference when the last US Ambassador picked his nose - went golfing or got killed - what's your point - that Libya was 'a safe place'

My hunches don't mean squat - correct - neither do your claims of 'factually what happened' because none of us know that yet, so stop projecting - it's pointless nonsense!

Dismissive to B/S - well of course - why wouldn't I be dismissive to something I take issue with

Your posts continue to puzzle, but I enjoy em so keep trying
There have been clear accounts released by the state department aout what happened and when. They also said they disagree with the admoinistration on their story and never supported that version since no evidence supported it. There are also released information showing claims for increased security that were denied and infact the month before the attack security was reduced. It is also a fact that that Obama, Clinton and the UN secretary knowingly lied to the american people about this story.

Those are all known and published facts. You deciding to ignore them or not read them does not mean they don't exist.
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