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It was before even then. The state Casey was in after he finished those races, he looked like he'd just run a marathon, with 60 lbs in his bergen, all with a heavy cold. He was totally finished physically. I'm no doctor by ANY stretch, but I recognise a physically drained and shattered person when I see one. Why didn't Ducati?

Maybe this observation (outside the box) makes me conclude that Ducati MotoGP need an overhaul in team staff. By a stroke of luck, Audi are here and if they don't sort Ducati out, then Ducati are a bigger lost cause than the multi, multi million Lottery ticket, that has dropped from your hand by the gust of fate, and landed into the gutter drain where the torrential rain has deposited your life of unbelievable wonderment and flushed down the storm drain of despair.

I might crow about Audi here ( and I am a fan of the Ur quattro and all it's derivatives massively), but they have been but a success ever since that Ur Quattro first landed into the Motorsport world. ( I think it was Stig Blomvquist who 'debuted' the Quat as a course car, and beat the times that the competitors were posting).

They don't do losing. The Ur, A4 BTCC Quattro (which got banned after it's dominance in slippy conditions) R8 (the most successful Le Mans protoype to ever race, R10 (a turbo diesel!) and won many times, now the R15 etc.
They have the know how, they've done it for decades. It all remains to be seen how long they sort Ducati out. In short order I should imaging. The Italian temperament wont prevail for long, they soon turned Lamborghini around (though the Diablo will forever have a place in my heart. Despite the stupid pedal position, and the control column stalks lifted from the Morris Marina)
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