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last night I was clipping Cinders toe ails and I got one too close to the quick while she was fighting me. Of course it started to bleed a bit but I didn't think anything of it until I spoteed the blood trail in my carpet. I bandaged the foot twice and she tore off the bandage both times. So I figured she would take care of it herself and I went to bed. This morning when I got up and went to the living room the carpet looked like the site of the chainsaw massacre. There was blood every place she stepped all night long and it isn't coming out.
However Cinder is fine this morning and the bleeding has stopped and she is fit as a fiddle. Now I'm wondering if my insurance will cover the carpet replacement as that's what it's looking like at the moment.What a mess.
So don't clip those nails too close guys. Could really cost ya. Pete
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