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Originally Posted by ritchie_laird View Post
I have a HK Multi-Rotor Control Board V2.1
a turnigy HAL
4 RCTIMER BC3536-11 750KV with 10*4.5 props.
4 simonk 30 amp esc's
3 cell battery at 5 amp

3 questions

what size battery should I use in terms of current?

and when I try to setup the Multi-Rotor Control Board V2.1 as suggested
I turn the pots to full and still don't get Oscillation effect, is this normal?
and liftoff is about 1/2 throttle, should I use a larger prop on this configuration?

Those are some big motors to only be using 10" props at 3s and I'm sure you would be better switching to 12" props.

The max rating for those motors is about 25A, so 100A absolute maximum for your quadcopter. More realistically you will be pulling about 30-40A in hover. A 25C 5000mAh lipo should be capable of 125A, so I don't see a need to go anymore than than 25-30C rated batteries. In theory a 20C lipo will be fine, but it's best not to stress your Lipos too much.

I can't help you with the board configuration I'm afraid, but with the gain turned to maximum your copter should be uncontrollable. The normal tuning method is to start with the gain quite low and then increase it until you get oscillations and then back it a it down until you have no more oscillations.
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