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Originally Posted by efx View Post
Mike, all the parts on the heli were new, so I wasn't getting anything, since I had never flown or tried to fly this thing. One of the links came off too so I'm not sure if that also had something to do with it this second time. I just finished putting in the new main shaft, gear, and servos. I readjusted my links as they are not very strong from what it looks like, so I put screw the end links all the way down and moved the base up near to top to get the same movement up and down. This part is something I think making it tough too since I have to look at the blades to make sure they are about the same. I'll have to adjust the servo links but I rather do these than the two long ones now after that. Oh I also moved the gyro on the top of the tail boom and will change that setting too. As for the correction, well it looks like it corrects fine, but it's after I spooled up that it decides to go to one side without any input from me instead of straight up.
How are you mounting the FBL unit - which tape? The wrong tape can cause issues.

Also I saw a picture of your 450 where you were using a cable tie to hold it - this will transfer vibes into the unit (unless you have the cable tie in fuel tubing or similar), also your FBL unit was not perpendicular to the main shaft
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