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I have had a good few flights with the FB Stratos now and I have flown it back to back with the HZ Super Cub that I was previously a bit nervous to fly. The stratos is by far the easiest to fly ( I am flying with assist turned off on high rates) and has the better performance. The Super Cub has a remakedly slow glide speed and will almost stand still on flare but it does not respond to the controls with the authority of the Stratos and needs very still air it is therefore heading for major surgery. Motor transplant, clipped wings and an aileron implant. I would recommend the Stratos every time for a beginner. It has done wonders for me. I really fancy a PZ T-28 next. Can Santa come early please?

What have I been doing with the Stratos? loops, wing overs, very ragged and strange looking rolls with massive amounts of down elevator and that is it. I like scaring my girlfriend and dog with high speed low passes, but again these need a fair amount of down imput. I have not had the courage to do an outside loop. I doubt I would be able to see at at the height I would feel comfortable trying one.

If the wind is right at the weekend I am going to try moving the clevis's in.
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