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Originally Posted by FlyingMcCoy View Post
Is that a DIY gimbal?
Yup. External pots on both the roll and tilt servo. Camera gimbal stabilization by HoverflyPro FC. The camera can pan 30-deg each way and all the way down. The pan, tilt and shutter are controlled by the camera operator. I can flick two switches on the frame and control the tilt and shutter while flying from the one Tx (framing the shot by video downlink using eyetop mono-lcd glasses).
I am a comms tech / radio tech full-time. I would hate to pay for someone else to sort this stuff! I know I have spent over 1000 hours on this in the last 18 months... I can see why complete setups cost $15-20K+

The RX100 stills stabilization is stunning. I did an aircraft museum trip a week ago and shot indoor 1/30th Auto ISO all day and never missed a shot... without high iso grain.

The video is stunningly clear without stab on.
There are 3 settings. Off, Active and On. With stab set to On, the camera introduces (I think) a little jitter. I video'd the fountain video (earlier in the thread) set to On. When yout watch it closely - there is jitter. There isn't on my non-stab'd videos.
The wind has been terrible and I haven'y done any octo/quad video flying for a while.

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