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Originally Posted by stonecutter View Post
I had to fly w/ minimum weight due to weaker v911 motor (stock motor's top cap came off). Medium length msr paddled flybar seem to be the best one I'd tried so far, no noticeable porpoising, while still agile and maneuverable.
Hi Stonecutter. Can't remember if anyone has posted comparative flybar weights? I'm surprised the Helios flybar isn't longer, as the paddles are small compared to the MSR paddles, so it's relying more on the weight than the aerodynamics of the paddles. My favourite V911 has a slightly longer (MSR) paddled flybar, plus I added a little additional weight to the paddles.

Had my first Helios flights yesterday, then again tonight. I'm not overwhelmed so far, but feel that I need to give it a chance stock before starting to modify. I find the stock controller very twitchy on the tail, despite having flown earlier V911's on high rates for quite a while before doing the transmitter resistor mod. At present the best mod appears to be dropping a V911 board into it, but experimetning with flybar is also a great idea.

I thought range was OK until control got patchy over the neighbour's airspace, resulting in a 15 minute search before retrieving Again, the V911 range appears to be better. Looking forward to more flying with the Helios though as it handles so differently to the various V911's.

Thanks for posting results of your experiments.
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