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This is what has worked for me for the SUPRA PRO launch setup

1. Firstly test on a bungee to get the right elevator setting at the SPEED setting (which for me is a flat bottomed underside..probably not optimium but easy to set)..the CG is at 103mm.

2. Then while I am at it on the bungee get the right elevator trim for CRUISE ( + 2 degs down) and THERMAL (+ 6 degs down) at the 103mm CG setting..(I must admit I don't use the THERMAL setting that much)

3. Now.... to tune for LAUNCH setting I use a winch with Speedline..150mtrs to turnaround. For this tuning I set the hook as forward as possible for the first couple of launches...I keep the elevator for LAUNCH phase at the SPEED setting...then for each successive flight I then move the hook back a notch at a time until the airframe looks uncomfortable going up the line....when I have consistently got that condition where it is difficult to control up the line I then start moving the hook it forward a notch or two to make it feel comfortable as you go up......also good idea to throw with your wings level. TE for LAUNCH is at +15 deg

It takes a bit of a structured I always tend to get distracted at the task at hand by chasing thermals and rising air

I am sure there are just as many other ways to do it...however this seems to work for me.
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