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Having never flown any RC airplane before, I bought a Stratos and have been learning (by trial and error, error, error) how to fly over the last couple of months. I've been able to accomplish some basic manuevers, and I'm wondering what other flyers are doing with their Stratos--- I'm the only Stratos flyer around here, so I only know what I'm doing. So far, I can do inside and outside loops, and I can fly inverted for a short while at the top of an inside loop. I didn't think the Stratos would be able to roll with the VI turned ON, but I've been able to do barrel rolls--- as long as I'm in a shallow dive. I know the Stratos is not designed to do serious aerobatics, but I bet there are folks out there who are doing some amazing things nonetheless. I'd love to hear from you--- with all your secrets, and step-by-step instructions, of course.......

well i must be getting towards 20 flights now and am still taking it easy, i now switch to high rates once i am up high enough, i have looped but at the moment i like getting some speed and going into a very steep climb, then cutting the engine and at the point where it stops i give it full rudder and come back the way i came (wingover) i think.

I am also confident enough to come in for some low passes (3m). plus high up i like switching off the engine and gliding for a little. still really learning what the aircraft will do i guess.

i also let my 7 year old son have a fly of it last night, he did really well, only confusing up with down, once.

the PZ spitfire thats sat on top of my wardrobe for 2 years is calling me, next time the weather is perfect i feel i can give it a go without too much worry.
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