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I know what you are saying and I felt exactly the same way which is why I got a second hand one, I still paid 180 for it though and it was a but beat up and had been repaired and ended up needing new servos in fuse!
The good thing about them is they hold their value very well, my m8 bought one new 289 and put 72 worth or servos in and a 4 battery, he sold it a few months later for 390??!?!??!?
I actually have 2 blasters now as I got a newer one for 220 which did not have any damage or repairs and still have the old one, I though that the newer one would fly better but to be honest there really is not much in it, cause the extra weight in the repair makes it fly a bit faster is all but also maintaines more energy so it better is gusty winds where the new is lighter and goes up in smaller thermals easier but it balances out, my longest flights were with the old one but then I have never flown them at the same time, though I did fly my old one whilst Mark flew this one and I could out thermal him but I like to think that was pilot skill lol.
I will be putting my old one on ebay at some point and hope to at least get what I paid for it!

The performance of the bagged/glassed foam wings can be pretty close to a molded one and are more resiliant to dings so if your area is cluttered with trees bushes etc might be better, though they can fold up in a hard throw.

I started with a little "BUG" built from balsa and even though hang times were only about 22 seconds I still managed to thermal it quite often and had a lot of fun throwing and catching.
Point is it does not really matter what you get as long as you enjoy yourself does it?
Yesterday I really over did it, I flew minimoa for an hour, then got bored and got my blaster flew that for 3 hours, had some lunch and flew it again for another 2 hours, the winds were light and sun was out but not really hot and I managed lots of thermal flights mostly round 5 to 6 mins but a few around 9 mins, my dog came with me and was running after the plane every time I threw it and could not understand why it would not come down so he could fetch it!
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