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Originally Posted by dkfuji View Post
I contacted the guys at Wowhobbies and they were nice enough to custom build a new motor for Manny and I to test fly. It is a 2S version of the 9g motor at 8000kv on the stock pinion. I had to make sure the heli would stand up to the test, so I installed MH metal main grips, swash plate, tail slider and tail box. It is still using the stock tail shaft and grips (which are more durable than any of the "upgrade" ones I have tested). I also epoxied the C and D gears to prevent any possible stripping of the gears in mid 3D flight. Flight pack was the Hyperion 500 mah and at the end of the flight there was still 7.6v left. Motor was cool and ESC was warm after the flight. Pretty efficient for all that power. Of course the entire heli is perfectly balanced and there is no tail vibration on spool up at any RPM.

The heli has only been in the air a total of 3 times. 1 hover in my hobby room, 1 test flight at 85% throttle to dial in the Tx settings and this flight at 100% throttle all out. I am just glad the heli stood up to the test. LOL.

Sorry about the quality of the vid. All we had was my Iphone since we were not sure how this was going to go. I am sure Manny and his brother will be making a better one soon enough when this motor becomes available.

Man that thing has some major power.
Sweet flying by Manny as always.

Any idea when it will be available?
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