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Originally Posted by leipold View Post
My CX2 had a midair (thanks, Reto!) in the flyoffs at Wilson last weekend. I took a quick look, didn't see any damage, and threw it again. And again. (Dumb move.) After the round, I noticed the damage.

There's a 6-cm-long split in the leading edge about halfway out the right wing. In that region, from the leading edge back to the spar, the top skin depresses and makes 'crunchy' noises when pressed. There are some wrinkles and delams in the top skin from the spar back to the hingeline. A 'bubble' of delam is centered over the spar.

When I flex the wingtip upward, the wing actually bends (a little), and the top skin over the spar visibly moves as it does When I try to flex the wing downward (putting the top skin in tension), it doesn't bend. If I grab the wing at the spar on either side of the damaged area and try to bend it, it doesn't feel like the spar itself has any flexibility, so I don't *think* I broke it.

What's the best way to repair my baby? Am I going to have to cut the wing open?

-- Walt
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