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Originally Posted by washus View Post
Hi all

I spent some time reading (some of) the posts in this and other threads about the CS10. I've flown some EDFs, but the most I meddled with them was to upgrade a motor on a cheap 64mm fan (which worked great for such a small change!). I'm in love with the sound of this CS10 fan and I'd like to start a new project, probably a 70mm T-45 from HK (Heard you can stuff this in the 64mm version from HK too). Suggestions for a somewhat cheap 1st project plane are more than welcome too.

I have 3 nanotechs 4S 2200mAH 35C that if possible I'd like to use, even if it's for a 3min flight tops. So because of that and my lack of experience, maybe I should start at the low end, low amp setups, so I can try to use the lipos I have.

From the test thread I got this:

Does these values for the Turnigy 2100kV motor make sense? The power (and thrust) seem excessive for the amps. Am I missing something? It would be great for me if it's true. Am I being naive that I can make a setup using a mere 2200mAh 4S with the 2300kV motor? Taking into account the 80% lipo capacity rule would give me about 2 1/2 minutes at 43A, which is WOT for the 2300kV motor, right**? Do I have to take into account many other losses here? If so 2200mAh would be completely unpractical, right? Could I use 2 x 2200mAh in parallel or would it be much bigger/heavier than a 4400mAh battery?

I'm more interested in the sound than in top performance/speed. Will these low amp setups give me the woossh I'm after? Should I just forget the lipos I already have and go for a 5S setup? Or stay at 4S and get bigger lipos and the 2800kV turnigy motor?
Any other suggested realiable setups besides the turnigy 2100 to 2800kV for a first project using stuff from HK? (I live in spain, so stores in europe would be good too). I read about so many different setups here that it's easy to get carried away.... specially without the experience.

Sorry about the long post and the inumerous questions... (actually this is my 1st post here at rcgroups). It's just so hard to make up my mind...

I'd really appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.
Thanks a lot

** this is my calculation: 2.2Ah*0.8*60min/h / 43A=2.5min

Originally Posted by AirX View Post
The 2855-2300 and the 2800-2100 tests were misquoted in the early posts and Anlucas has written a post showing the correct numbers.

Here is another post that shows a test of the 2100 is as posted here:

My 2300s run pretty much as tested by Anlucas.

Eric B.
thanks for clearing that up.!


the 4S figures were wrongly posted by me.

Here are the latest correct ones I got on record.

1.1 Kg
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