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Originally Posted by A VIKING View Post
I have a Devo 10 TX now and I see it has the capability of allowing individual D/R and EXPO for pitch, roll and yaw selectable by individual switch positions. Another words if I am thinking of it correctly, if my thumb side pull in a tic toc can't be completely corrected by practice I should be able to dumb up the aileron channel and just prior to doing the tic toc throw the aileron switch to allow my thumb to throw the stick up and down for the tic toc but have little affect on roll. Just have to be quick on the switch. I'll be able to experiment with this in normal flight to see the reaction of the ship with different switch positions and from that be able to judge how the tic toc will go.
If some one has done this and it is the correct use of the system let me know, it will save experimenting time for me.

That would be a great move with the RX change.

Not sure any of that is needed. I use 100% d/r on position 0 and 1. On position 0 i have 20% expo and on position 1 i have 80% expo. I fly most of the time on position 1 but when i move into 3d i will flip it to position 0 so that the sticks are much more sensitive in the middle. Allowing for quicker change in cyclic direction for things like tick tocs. I suppose, from what it sounds like. You will have more control over the expo and DR of the pitch, roll, yaw now too. So you can use positive or negative expo on those too to soften or harden those controls? That would be useful for some things too. For instance on my D05 i have to manually program the pitch curve with "expo" and it's permanent. The reason for having to do this is the poor tail rotor ratio. FAST pitch changes will kick the tail so the middle of the curve needs to be flattened out some. Having a feature like your describing would be nice to i can have a semi-flat and hard-flat center on my pitch curve for that heli and switch between them. I wonder how spectrum DR/Expo works. Because thats my next TX. Even though the Devo 10 looks pretty cool. I don't own or plan on owning any Walkera heli with a Devo RX, pretty much ever. So i hope i can get used to the change. I might get a magic cube if they ever make it worth a damn. Some how i doubt it though.

So in theory, i suppose softening the sticks might help you with your thumb pull situations. But honestly, if you are a Tip of the stick thumber. You should shorten your sticks. The longer they are the less you have to move them to produce MORE movement from the heli. So the shorter they are, the less sensitive they will be. If your a gripper than you might like them longer. I use a longer cyclic and a totally minimized throttle/rudder. Plus i use about 35% expo on my rudder full time.
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