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WTK, I also thought about heat issue, but remember noting this from brand new and the other side is identicle. I am begnining to think one of the motor mounts just backed completely out, the other gots loose....enough to rub against the nacelle. Proably did generate enough heat to soften the plexi-plastic mount and tork its way out of its other three holes.....the nacelle foam is the same on the other side, so I don't think it melted the foam.

The motor smells fine, and spins freely but I won't bother powering it up since the wires are all twisted and mangled. Now the motor wires did get melted together....I could heat shrink them but I would never trust them again. So did get hot but not sure when it got hot..for sure after the wires touched each other as they twisted together the moment the motor broke loose...and even until I was able to unplug the battery.

It is such a cool plane and not seen that often...I must have one ready to fly anytime....and it was really fun to land...was infinately bummed when that bbbbrrlrlrlrlaaap sound was heard. I am looking forward to flying it again ASAP. This is another great TurkeyBuzzard chaser too.

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