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Did some more work today... First up was modding the center section parts to accept the wing tube sockets. I had already modified Rib 3A by using the outer wing panel rib #3's to position the wing tube holes. Sections CC and EE needed slotted for the sockets, and the other ribs needed 1/2 rounds cut out of them in the applicable area's. Since these socket slots in the carry through spar bulkheads were where the slots for the interlocking ribs where, they were only partially cut or tack glued back into position so as to make assembly of the parts easier.

Then i glued all the nose ribs to the forward carry through spar.

Then the center rib sections where glued to the rear carry through spar, then this sub-assembly glued to the forward carry through spar once it was placed in the jig and and determined to be straight. Then all of the aft rib segments were glued into position, along with all of the other side-to-side bulkhead segments:

Then the forward wing tube socket segments were removed:

Then the rears:

Then the actual wing tubes in the outer wing panels needed shortening 1" each, so these were pulled out, shortened, de-stressed, then redrilled/tapped and re-installed. Then both wing panels were slid into position in the center section.

Then the nacelle's had their longerons glued into position to get the top of the center section ready for sheeting and strip planking. This thing will be sheeted with 1/8" balsa, so the sheeting/strip planking will be a bit different compared to the smaller version:

Then the 1/32" ply trailing edge pieces were test fit. I'm not planning on installing these until the top of the fuselage is sheeted and then flipped over, as they are a pain in the butt to keep straight right now:

Sheeting begins tomorrow, hopefully.. And now you guys know why we are doing a mold/molded center section for the flying versions. I bet all this plywood weights close to 10lbs, granted we could probably eliminate 6 of it with lightning holes, but I'm betting the composite center section will be closer to 2 to 3lbs.
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