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Fly it stock

No mods needed on this one, try it with stock stuff first. I would suggest cutting a little slot right behind the wheel well to open up some air for the ESC cooling, but that's not even really needed. I flew mine to death in the middle of summer and never more than some mild warmth from the esc.

This will haul around nicely on a 4S 2200 battery. It can fit a 3000 too, but it's not really worth the weight. 2650 isn't to bad. The flex isn't to bad either so the rods might not be needed, and it's a tad tail heavy anyway. I recently donked mine landed in a hard crosswind and loosened up the front gear. If any mod should be done its for a rudder, it's hard to bring her in without one in a crosswind.

I have a second one in box ready to paint up. I suppose a nice HET set up would make it scream all the more, but it's really a bulky fat body with chunky wings so not sure how much faster this could go, or needs to go.

Have fun with yours, it's a great plane, even more so considering what you get for the money.
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