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Originally Posted by crvnation View Post
I noticed your TX beeping during flips. Is that your throttle timer when you transition through low stick in idle-up? If you set it to start/stop based on a throttle output percentage instead of a physical stick percentage, it won't do that. I know it probably doesn't really matter in the grand scheme, but I didn't like my TX beeping and timer stopping/starting every time I went through 1/4 low stick in idle-up. So, I changed it to a throttle output of 25% (independent of stick position, based on throttle curve) and the timer only beeps/stops going to low stick in NORM since my idle-up 2 and is a straight 100% "curve" and my idle-up 1 never drops below 25% at full low stick. Just thought that might help. If you do that on purpose, I'm curious as to why.

Yeah it is on purpose and it is one of my timers. One is set one time throttle out 5% and the other is set for anything above 25%. I have them both set to beep since currently on the dx18 what options you pick for the first timer fall upon the second timer as well.

The reason for that is I dont fly flipping like a dying fish every flight. I like to do some mellow flights with constant spot landings and such. So at that point the single timer doesn't give me an accurate time to stop but I can rely on my second timer for when I should land.

Originally Posted by dkfuji View Post
Nice flight. Yep, at the headspeed my heli is running now, a little vibration would probably blow the heli apart in mid-air.
yeah it would be interesting to see on video but not fun to search for the pieces
What flight times are you getting flying your new motor?

I just ordered some new batteries for my helis so hopefully it'll give me a bit more power until I do a motor change.
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