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Originally Posted by HuskySpade View Post
I had an opportunity to take my new 9116 out to the empty two car garage, away from the wind in an attempt to test everything out.

I managed to bring the 9116 to a reasonable hover, but i'm still trying to trim it out. My five minute flight time came to an end quickly, as I didn't feel completely confident in my trimming by the time my five minutes was up.

One thing I have noticed, is the Tx stores your trim settings after its been powered off. According to a youtube review I watched while considering this helicopter, the Tx didn't store trim settings in memory when it was powered off, but that was quickly disproven with my experimentation today.

Another thing I noticed was, if you don't straighten out the main rotor blades before spinning up, the blades can get caught on the tail boom. A minor inconvenience but an easy fix nonetheless. Its good practice anyways to straighten the main rotor blades before any flight.

Now I'm waiting for the battery to cool so I can charge it up again, and perhaps try another test flight this afternoon.

You can also see SPACER at this thread:

And see photos

Bye Gilles
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