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Originally Posted by Jackson Stone View Post

One other thing. The Ventus is very sensitive to CG. I have posted a recommended CG in this thread. Suggest you check yours carefully prior to flying.


Hi Jackson, thanks for the tips. I am thinking of starting with the CG at 43 mm, if I recall, it seemed to be safe. I would rather a slightly forward CG at first until I am really comfortable with the handling, then I might move back 1 mm at a time. I also recall 45mm was the farthest back acceptable for this plane.
As far as reinforcements are concerned, I split the belly of the plane along the gluing line and inserted a 2 mm wooden stringer that runs from the tail all the way down to about 3 inches behind the trailing edge of the wing, using gorilla glue to secure it an lots of tape to maintain pressure while curing. I have to fill in the cracks with a little more glue, then sand it down to a nice finish.
The tail is nice and stiff now, no more up and down flex so the elevator should have more authority. This also took care of the torsion. Added weight seems negligeable, if anything, it is where I need it.
I also use a piece of aluminium about a quarter inch long, 5 mm OD with 3mm thread inside, roughed it up and glued in the T tail as an insert for a single screw that will hold the elevator surface in place.
Tomorrow, I start working on the wings!
When all is said and done, I would like to try and find some sort of putty I could use to fill in the crack and inevitable hangar rash on the foam, sand it to a nice finish prior to the paint job. I think I will use the same colors you did if that's OK, I like the plane to be easy to spot in flight! A white plane on a overcast day is practically invisible.
I am also considering building a new elevator from scratch, a bit bigger maybe. Do you think it is necessary or does it have enough authority at low speeds - approach speeds? Thanks!
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