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Originally Posted by ScottGridley View Post
I was in the yard playing a bit this eve. Loving the nano, really building my skill set quickly (nothing inverted yet, but banking turns like a pro now!). One thing I noticed, the AS3X is awesome at holding attitude, but in gusting winds the bird tends to gain or lose altitude pretty quickly. Is this normal and something I'll learn to compensate for?
It's not meant to hold altitude because it doesn't have control over the throttle or pitch. You get that fun job yourself. I noticed that mine kind of rocks and rolls like a little boat in a storm when flying in the wind. It's especially noticable when flying foward at high speed, the heli looks like it's driving over speed bumps . The AS3X tries hard, but sometimes too much wind is too much wind.

I flew mine in 10mph sustained and 15mph gusts today, that's too much wind I don't care what anyone says. It was a battle just to not get blown away.
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