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Andrew's NZ DS Fest Promotional quotes:

Tekapo: "The ridge is really impressive. To the northwest you see Lake
Tekapo, glacial blue, and a vast flat land to its south, and enormous Alps all behind, covered in cloud. Apparently the moist air off the west side hits them and drops all the moisture, so the air downwind is really dry. On the backside there’s a valley way, way below and the slope drops parabolically, so you can see all of it. Enormous space to fly in and no trees anywhere."

"Summary of Sugarloaf visit: these Christchurch chaps are so damn spoilt!! Look I was totally blown away. (again). It only took 13mins drive from Alex's place to the carpark! It's a really very high hill - the towers are at nearly 500m above the surrounding coastal fringe. It was a brisk steep 2 minute hike up the hill, with a cool southerly wind, and we stopped just over the top in a spot that's just behind the shear, out of the wind. "

"For some time Alex has been slightly annoying on the forum saying that their conditions here are very very good, and that others should come to visit and fly. Well, he is right. I’m here to tell you that the amount of wind they get here (regularly) and the number of exciting sites around is totally awesome. "

"We've been at Wainui for about an hour now. This is the most fabulous place. Seriously. Absolutely unbelievable here in both directions. The DS is just so clean and crisp and smooth. We've had four guys all DSing along the ridge at the same time. The wind is a moderate at the moment maybe 15 knots. If there was a lonely planet guide to DS spots this would be number one in the world."

"I think I've said it above in the short posts from the phone, but Wainui is an exceptional site. It works in both wind directions and the each side is huge and steep. There are no saddles or gaps or shapes that you'd expect to cause leakage into the backside. The view is just stunning."

"Well I thought today would just be a quiet lay day today and I wouldn’t need to write a report. But - DAMN - we had another brilliant session of GREAT frontside and DS!!! What a shame! It’s just TOO MUCH having to cope with FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF DSing!! Oh dear how sad, never mind! "

"Oh, and by the way … in case I forgot to say it … it’s pretty good here!"
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