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Dude, I am in the same boat.. Thanks to the chinese festival and holidays my stuff has just finally departed from NY.. Running some quick numbers here is where I am at weight wise:
Hexa 700mm Frame: 400g
Six motors (70g per): 420g
Six ESC (30g per): 180g
AR8000 receiver + TM: 30g approx
props: 80g
two data logger (17g per): 34g
Wookong flight controller: 150g
Power distro board: 100g approx
Other (wire, misc) 100g approx

Total airframe: 1494g approx or 3.3 lbs approx

8000mah batt (845g per): 1690g or 3.7lbs
11000mah batt (825g per): 1650g or 3.6lbs

Total approximated weight will roughly be 7 to 8 lbs while stripped down.

So here I have 2 batteries that out weigh my initial frame setup. But I will be getting 16000mah or 22000mah respectfully. Are you saying that I will lose flight (max efficiency) time because my battteries arent equal to half of the hexa weight?

I would think that a lighter frame would draw less amps. Now granted I am adding a lot of battery weight which will increase the amp draw due to weight. The video posted earlier in this thread with the 62 minute flight time showed the guy using two 11000mah packs on a very small quad and not doing any real maneuvering. My assumption is that yes amp draw goes up but huge mah numbers give you back time and then some.


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