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Originally Posted by Snowflake6515 View Post
I have one of my units installed in a Techone Swift and usually fly in 3D mode. I have a panic momentary switch set to force 2D mode regardless of whether the unit is OFF or in 3D mode. Gain set to about -19. Unit has worked flawlessly since first received months ago.

Yesterday, the wind picked up quite a bit so I thought I might investigate a 2D landing. While one or two mistakes high, I touched the "panic" switch to test 2D operation, prior to actually flipping the mode switch. For some reason, the bird immediately rolled inverted, holding wing-level; almost as if it had been placed upside down and the "reset level/trim" operation had been executed prior to the flight.

After a successful landing in 3D mode (ready to turn it off if another anomaly), I rebound the RCVR, reset level/trim, and back to normal behavior.

Anyone have anything similar happen? I also noticed that, after the level/trim set, while still on the workbench, placing the unit in 2D mode showed slight aileron correction; odd as it had not been moved.

Thanks, in advance.

I have seen several events like that.
-After a fresh boot, plane not moving, engage 2D and the rudder moves off center a little and twitches. Reboot again and it is fine, but sometimes repeats the issue.
- I set level flight attitude with the tail up slightly. Put the tail on the ground again and in 2D the elevator should go down (attempting to raise the tail) but it does not budge. Pick up the plane and the basic movements all make sense but moving the plane until all the surfaces are neutral again has the plane at an odd attitude.

I can never make sense of these things but it seems to fly fine. I tend not to use 2D at all and use 3D far more. However each time I check 2D, it seems to fly level-ish (quite good but but not perfectly consistent).
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