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Buying a new set of foam parts

My Champ had a pretty bad day.
I just got my new Mustang motor, and a Prop Saver+GWS 5043 combo last night.
I had a great flight this morning -- ran a 500mAh battery a good 35 minutes to LVC and several hundred feet up in the air.

That mustang+5043 combo turns the champ into a VERY different flying experience!

So --- later in the day, when it was really much too windy to be flying, I had the brilliant idea to put one of my 25c Venom 150mAh batteries in there, to see what that motor could really do.

I'm sure you all know some version of this story already --- big gusts of wind, fighting to get the plane back to me, and it ended up on the fourth story sloped roof of the apartment building across the parking lot.

The plane landed right side up, so I was hoping I could just fly away --- especially since that tiny battery plus the new motor/prop meant I could hover the plane --- so flying up the sloped roof should've been no problem.

But the prop hit the shingles, and tore the whole gearbox/cowling right off the front of the plane! (Pic below.)

My plane was stuck. I lost one tennis ball trying to dislodge it and gave up.

A few hours later I went back out and found that a neighbor had retrieved the plane and tied it to their deck table. (How thoughtful!!!!)
The 5043 prop is lost forever, in the gutter of that roof. But at least the prop saver kit came with a 5030, too!

Since I have a keychain camera coming in the mail next week, I figured this was the time to finally order up a whole new set of wings/fuse/tail foam and I'm building a whole "new" Champ next week. (And yes, Skycadet, I intend to do the glue-coat procedure on this plane.)
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