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Originally Posted by sneu View Post
The servos with strong low lash metal gears like the 7115 offer much stiffer control surface holding than do most of the plastic geared servos. When thee Avionik B10s went with the 7115s the stiffer holding of the aileron got rid of all flutter at high speed.
well, ailerons on F5D:s dont "normally" suffer from flutter, look at +500km/h Swist that Henke flyes, NO flutter, cheap Hyp 09 servos , (remember, an F5D should also explode at +220mph, hehe)......and there are a lot examples of having Dymond d60 in wings of F5D:s = no flutter...

For me the titanium hitec servos are overkill... thats my opinion...

Originally Posted by sneu View Post
Gears break from flutter and from overloading--sometimes just accidents on the ground If you make the plastic gears large enough to not break the servo gets too big for fitting in thin wings.

Even if I dont agree a normal good servo with nylons will break in a F5D ship, OK, bigger = better, thats why I started this thread , trying to fit GOOD sloopfree 12mm heigh servos in my Viper, just to be 200% sure ...

saving like 100 dollars and even get better servos, the cost is making custom servocovers, and maybee -1mph cost in speed due to the extra drag , but I can live with that...

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