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e-starter - wing snapped in flight!

Hey all,

Well, I have been flying my e-starter successfully for the past two months.
Just went to lipo/brushless yesterday. Have 3s 1100 ma pack (which I really bought for my corsair) and a 2s 2100 ma pack for the e-starter (leasure flying).
And a eflite park 400 brushless motor.

Anyway, I flew the estarter on the 2s pack for about 40 minutes yesterday morning at half throtle most of the way, making about 4 individual flights. All went great.

This morning, I took it out again. I was at about 400 feet, half throttle, and dove a bit to do a loop (have done it on stock with 700 ma NiMH batteries about 2 dozen times before. Anyway, as soon as I got just a little bit of speed, the whole wing snapped off and my estarter became a brick. Broke the fuse, horizontal stabilizer, engine mount. The wing snapped right around the plastic which you attach the bolt to the fuselage (the plastic and associated foam were still attached to the fuse.

So, I have learned two things:
1. While I did do loops, inverted, etc. with the estarter, you need to be rather carefull and probably reenforce the wing right over the fuselage.
2. I really should get a new slope glider estarter, since I think it is more glue/ca/epoxy now than foam
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