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Torque will always be the prime suspect, as it will pull a well-trimmed and aligned plane to the left on a takeoff roll. 2-3 deg. of right thrust and/or offsetting the vertical stab are often used to compensate for the left-pulling effect. The gyro idea should also work well as previously described.
As for looping, provided the wing is sound and reinforced in the center section with fiberglass tape, it should lazy-loop without a problem. I have flown Tele Sr.'s and every other size, starting in 1973 with an original German-produced kit.......that one was even more of a "stick" construction than the later slabbed versions. Nearly all had rubber banded wings. All looped, rolled and stall-turned without issue. I wouldn't advise holding full power through the loop.....I have always throttled back to about half at the top of the loop.
The ONLY time I have seen a Tele's wing fold was under experimental circumstances.........the bird was scaled up to have a ten ft. Wingspan and the fuse was lengthened and widened to hold a 2 gal. Fuel weighed 25 LB. wet and built to fly a loooong cross country flight (using a chase car w/transmitter). Disaster didn't occur due to looping though.....but while S-turning to lose altitude and over-banked/over-G'd at full throttle (it was being flown by a friend/owner&builder of the bird at the time). Consequently, around 20 lbs. Of fuel plus a 4000 mah nicad ( it was 1976) hanging below and in. The center of a 10 ft. WS is a formula for exactly what even break in the center of the wing and a spectacular crash. Post mortem inspection revealed that the wing center section had NOT been reinforced with fiberglass tape.......only epoxied together.
So, built correctly and flown under stock parameters, the bird will handle looping without problems. If you wonder the reason for the "flying tail", that would lead me to still another account but for another post. Best regards with one of THE most enjoyable RC birds ever designed!

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