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Thanks RHash for the comments on the video! Let me tell you that I was more concerned in recovering the video than the equipment itself (I mean obviously I was thrilled to get everything back intact), but recovering the video has its story.

Here is when Murphy’s Law kicked in:
I was so excited to see my first “above the clouds video” even though it was less than 1000 ft (or so said the GPS altitude). I decided to land, but quickly realized new clouds were rising… so I decided to do 1 more lap (where it all happened). After the crash, could not find the plane, did not have GPS tracking in Google earth, and did not have recording… Once the plane was found (a search party was summoned, several people that live nearby helped us), they brought it back without the Gopro… I just thought “forget the plane, get me my cam!!!”. A few mins later they came back with it (yay!!)… it was wet… fell in a puddle… and just that morning I had changed the back cover to the non-water proof back cover… after all, I was not flying over water was I? After drying the sim card I found out that the video was there, but could be played because the gopro did not write the index to the file. I used 3rd party software to recover the video file, but only was able to without audio. Once the Gopro revived, it fixed the file with audio, but clipped the video a few seconds before impact (this is why the video ends without audio). Sigh.. in other words I am proud of my vid!

Now on the altimeter… yes I agree that barometric altimeter would be best.. I am only about 100 ft above sea level, but I have seen the GPS altitude jump a bit. It has even been -100 some times. Could this be an indication that the GPS is bad? Any ways I did have planned to get the barometric altimeter.
It does look that the guardian was in control of the plane all the way down (very elegant turns and extremely close near misses with trees). However every time it glitch before, it went to full throttle and slow left turn… fail safe maybe? The difference this time is that it never gave me back control.
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