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Simon2504: What do you mean by "servo speed set to 150ms?" I see that it's a digital servo, but if you've set the Output Servo Pulse Frequency too high for the servo then it may cause damage.

Yes, that is strange that a stalled / shorted servo was able to damage the Guardian. It should take a lot of current to overload it to the point of smoking. Again, when you get a chance to do a post-mortem, we'd love to help you figure out what might have gone wrong.

Snowflake6515: Did the self-inverting behavior manifest after you had landed and switched back into 2D Mode? If this behavior shows up again, could you please file a ticket and upload your configuration .TXT file before resetting Level Flight and Trims? Remember that the Reset Level Flight and Trims gesture will be recognized within the first 15 seconds after power-on and pressing and releasing that 2D Mode button during that time it will be the equivalent of that gesture. You can tell that a Reset Level Flight and Trims has occurred when your servos twitch once.
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