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Re RTH activating with Rx interference, based on your OSD configuration, RTH should activate when either:
a) the Rx stops sending pulses at all, or sends illegal pulses
b) the Rx goes into failsafe, and the throttle failsafe pulses are the same as the ones detected when you turned off your radio during the wizard.

"a" should never happen with PCM, so my assumption is that the Rx (or at least the throttle channel) is not being driven to the failsafe position. I've heard rare reports that some Rx's (likely not Futaba) actually drive a different failsafe position in some circumstances. Or, if you reprogrammed your failsafes after the wizard was run, this could happen. When you turn off your Tx now, does RTH engage?

I would recommend turning on "servo deflections" display, which will let us see exactly what your Rx is outputting for throttle. Alternatively (or additionally) you could turn on throttle logging in the eLogger, and connect the Rx throttle output to the eLogger's throttle input via the Y cable, but seeing the info on the video real time makes things easier to track down.

Re GPS mounting, it's ideal to mount the GPS by itself, but I would be surprised if it would help here (it's usually proximity to the VTx that causes problems, and those are really rare with the toroid GPS).

Re data in the logger, it sounds like data were there, but there may have been some corruption of the data during the crash. We have a way of retrieving the raw data remotely, so if you see the download issue again, please don't clear the logger. Sorry, I know that's not too helpful now. :S
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