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Originally Posted by eaticus View Post
Looks like A123 is now a Chinese company:
27 cents a share .. Geese Louise .. if under a dollar for 30 days, it is kicked out of the Exchange. What a shame .. overpriced and under performing .. same ole fricken mattress dance. Yeah .. I'm prejudiced .. I wrote A123 maybe 10 months ago regarding buying about 600 Ah of LiFeP04 48vdc batteries for my home system here (to replace my aging fla) and they didn't even have the courtesy to respond.

I'll tellya what .. the vendors in China are actually trying to be in business .. Happy to give quotes, and are the largest producers of both Lipo and LifeP04 batteries on the planet. So maybe with Chinese ownership, A123 with have to stop screwin' the pooch, grow up and get real with the marketplace. I'll most likely use LiFeP04 chemistry for my upgrade, and ironically, have to buy from China either way.

I hope the A123 jobs stay in country, but everything has gone so far sideways .. who knows. I do know that while Japan's economy is generally characterized as being stagnant, we await with bated breath for Panasonic's 4,000 mAh 18560 next April .. with A123, we just wait. Tesla buys Panasonics for $3.23 per cell .. GM buys A123 for how much? Nissan is makin' their own .. smart move.

OK .. I'm Done .. Please Carry On
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