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Originally Posted by crashdummy6 View Post
1. Pipeline
2. Education
3. R&R Obmacare
4. Curb Fed Spending
5. Protect and use States rights
6. Strong Military
7.Tax Reform

Oh, but I ramble. You only wanted three......
Well let's take a closer look at your rambles then

1 - Pipeline will achieve exactly what (something I know nothing about here) ?

2 - EDUCATION - are you KIDDING me - he's a MORMON evangenlist

3 - Obamacare - hell will NOT repeal it - he said so - he will rename it!

4 - Curb fed spending - great - but by HOW MUCH (cos he won't tell you)

5 - Strong military - no no no - he is 'STUPID' on military policy - he's not a 'defense' man - he's an attack hawk (like Bush)

6 - Tax Reform - AH - the biggie - did you not hear what his last 'FLIP' was on that then ?

C'mon man - you've not done your homework have you - try again
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