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Originally Posted by ENGINETORQUE View Post
I can't see that - not at all - based on what

If you're hoping Mitt Romney can sort the deficit out - well not in the first term he won't - there's a prediction for you right there, if (IF....) he gets elected.

He'll make the USA unpopular and inviting terrorist attacks on home soil again (again IF............he gets elected)!

So come on then - give me three (only three...) reasons why he'd make a GREAT President.

I don't even see him as making a good President - he was all the GOP could come up with out of a very poor selection indeed!
1. Pipeline
2. Education
3. R&R Obmacare
4. Curb Fed Spending
5. Protect and use States rights
6. Strong Military
7.Tax Reform

Oh, but I ramble. You only wanted three......
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