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Originally Posted by dude_109 View Post
I was just browsing YouTube over the weekend looking at JPower P-38 and saw a vid where a guy had 1 motor also come off but it was right when he landed and taxi in...extremely lucky. I've got the V2 kit so will be sure to give the motor some test yanks.
Ya man check 'em twice er thrice....I yanked on mine and felt OK. Note, you have to take off the motor bulkhead mount off of the fuselage. These are the two screws that hold the motor/bulkhead mount to the fuselage. Then there are Four screws that hold the motor to that bulkhead mount. On mine...which I now know is the V2 version...this bulkhead mount is a clear plexi-plastic. I have an idea these screws came loose and allowed the motor to tork away.

The plexi-plastic bulkhead motor mount did not come off the fuselage...the motor actually ripp/torked out of the bulkhead motor mount.....CRAZY!!!!

I did notice some popping of this plane when I bench tested it at WOT...but everything flexes so much I could not tell what was popping....still don't know if it was that motor mount or put this on your assembly check list. Take it off...tork it it check it check it.

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