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Originally Posted by gcb View Post
I heard that Estes gave up on Cox when they made a BUNCH of Star Wars RTF's and lost a bundle due to their buyback agreement with Walmart. I still have six of the "Droid Fighters", powered by Sure Starts. I also picked up some of those $7.00 ones.
Interesting. They had some neat looking RTF's. Problem is that IMO much of society was intolerant of these noise making "dangerous" toys. I remember back in the 1980's, seeing a rather ironic but humorous sign at a fenced school yard in Long Beach, CA. It said something like, "NO RUNNING, NO BICYCLE RIDING, NO BALL PLAYING, NO SKATE BOARDING, NO MODEL AIRPLANE FLYING, NO R/C CARS, HAVE FUN." I wish I had a picture of that. For consolation though, I bought 2 Cox balsa kits, an X-Wing fighter and Y-Wing fighter. I thought those to be innovative, picked them up at half price in a hobby shop some 10 years ago near a training location for work, can't remember where.

Have you tried Carlson Engine Imports? That's where I got mine.
I went to Bob's site, but he hasn't much displayed (rebuilding his website). That's a good option though, might give him a call, thanks.
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