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Originally Posted by JForbes View Post
A few things, mostly all my opinion, but we'll see what others say as well....

1. Welcome.
2. Don't feel that the Pitts is only for advanced pilots. Yes, it has the abilities of being a crazy acrobat in the sky, and the build is a tad tricky in a couple of spots, but it can fly slow, and with lower rates, it will make you better. I'm proof of that. Plus, it's very tough, and will take to grass crash landings like it belongs there. lol
3. I'm sure some folks with disagree with me here, but in regards to your rudder/3 channel planes... if you have the option of putting the rudder on your left stick, DO IT!! Learn to fly and turn with your rudder under your left hand. Learn everything you can about what the rudder does... right-side up, inverted, knife-edge (plane flying on it's side), etc.... I say this for two reasons... I learned to fly without using rudder, which now I'm trying to overcome and learning to use the rudder. In these slow fly and 3D planes, you use it A LOT. Old habbits are hard to break.... which leads me to my next point. If you "learn" to fly with rudder under your right hand, then switch to a 4 channel common setup, you'll have to teach yourself all over again.

Like I said, this is just my opinion... most people fly with a common radio setup, but there really isn't anything saying you can't have the channels where you want them I guess.... Keep us updated and best of luck!
I agree with all Jforbes wrote here. Especially having the stick setup how you'll end up flying with in the end. Having to use that left stick for more than the throttle is a lifesaver with these planes.Though my first model wasn't a TH plane I had to unlearn the bad habits I picked up when I was flying a 3 channel plane.

Best of luck to ya.
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