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One of my favorite things is to go to a DLG contest and hang out with about 50 of your best friends. Its a stress relief and very relaxing.

At this contest I was very relaxed and excited to be here. I still havent flown the DLG very much but have been flying more in recent weeks. I made more good choces than bad this year. Wilson is one of the contests I usally flonder in. I was lucky this year to do better than I usally do.

The weather was very good on Sat. Sunday I thought we were going to be going home early. The wind blew but it was only around 10 mph so ballest was to be used. I flew my Fr3aK all day sat but turned to the Polaris for the windier conditions. I flew with 1.27oz in the Polaris and it handeled the wind very well. Later as the wind let up I switched to .97oz and this was another smart choice as it was still performing in the wind but was light enough to climb in the light lift.

I have some damage to the wing now as I had 2 midairs with the Polaris. One with Phils armored solid core original V2 wing. It has a carbon rod across the leading edge. It mashed the leading edge. I did tape it and it will be repaired. Well then in the Flyoff I had a midair with James Hohensee. His plane just about spireled in but he was able to recover with about 5 feet of altitude. Mine however suffered a nice blunt leading edge. I threw it but the performance was noticably worse. I made the time but took about 20 seconds to change planes. This hurt my score but the Fr3k was really a good choice as the winds died off again. I believe I have found my replacements for the Salonits I flew for 4 years. These 2 planes are serving me well so I think Ill stick with them. Im getting used to the Zone wing and I like the way it flies.

If you havent made it to Wilson you really need to make it to this contest. Its a great time with good people. Food, DLG's and great friends....

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