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Originally Posted by Vantasstic View Post
New to this thread. I was, first, under the impression this camera came with different lenses. As I look more it appears it only comes with whatever lens you bought it with and that' it. Is there a way to buy/replace the lenses? I don't like the real wide angle as much because of the 'fish eye' effect, but it's nice to have the extra FOV at times. I was thinking a B lens with a 'spare' D lens...but it doesn't look like that's a possibility...unless someone knows otherwise... Thanks...
Originally Posted by airmob View Post
You absolutely can, see post 2.

One thing to note, the D Lens requires a slightly larger hole in the case, so best to buy that version and a 'spare' B lens module.
What you say is basically true. As I'm sure you've noticed from the pictures, the D lens requires a larger "pinhole" and protrudes about 6mm out of the camera.
The B lens requires a slightly larger "pinhole" than the A lens.

It's possible to enlarge the hole of an original A lens camera to fit the B or the D lens. Likewise, you can enlarge the hole of the B lens camera to fit the D lens, but there's no going back.

However, it's much easier to buy a "kit" from one of the two sellers mentioned in the post that airmob has linked. You then get a new case together with the lens.
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