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Originally Posted by 03svtsnakevert View Post
We put larger motors on ours with counter rotating props...haven't flown it yet but it pulls like a freight train
I was watching my maiden flight looking for flexing as it came out of a dive...then going for loop number two....straight down the runway away from me....I saw it flexing a bit. Very glad I glued my wing section together..otherwise I would have backed way off and just flown is as docile as possible.

The two fuselages (Port and Starboard) don't seat very tight in thier respective wing saddles. I am just about ready to glue them into place...they still flex side to side too much for me. As soon as I get another motor and motor mount....then check her over again....I will epoxie the fuselages in place.

I really like the tricycle landing gear on the servoless retracts, even though the wheels are small and the props where just skimming the grass, I had no problems taking off either flight...landing was a breez. However, the wheels don't allow for very good taxi-ing...gggg. I have to place her on the grass strip and take off, then retrieve after landing. I think I will see how much bigger wheels will go into the wheel bays....having said this the front wheel must NOT be smaller than the rear wheels

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