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Originally Posted by paul_mccaughey View Post
had a bit of a discussion with Don via email. he has converted one of these kits to run on 4site gear and recommends this over the std kit parts. so i think the best option will be to go for the 4site gearbox and motor. i can then keep it 1s and use the brick esc saving more weight.

just waiting to find out if there are wing parts available or if i will need to repair the damage to the existing wing.

been looking into servos to work with the 6400 brick so i can operate ailerons and landing gear. has anyone used or seen the SPMSH2026Lservos? i think they are helicopter servos and seem to be fairly new to the market. i can get 2 for 21.

they are cheaper than the SPMAS2000 servos in the UK. the cheapest i can get the 2000's is 13 each which is the equivalent of $21! these are not in retail packing which means it's likely to be stripped out of a damaged/non-working plane from a retailer. you can buy them in the states for $13.50 direct from spektrum. bloody annoying!

was also wondering if long throw would be better to give more movement on ailerons and to correctly lock the retracts. any thoughts on this?
the AS2030L is a better servo than the 2026 and should also be around $13. The 2030 motor is 2X the size of the motor on the other servos.

A better option for this plane for ailerons would be a single Hobbyking 2g servo. Compared to the HH linears, these servos are silent.

For a plug, you can buy a $2 "AS2000 reversing harness" from your LHS and solder the plug onto the HK servo lead. I use .8mm heat shrink from deal extreme, which works great on servo wires and to make Carbon fibre/wire pushrods.
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