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Originally Posted by North_of_49 View Post
I think me means a ultra micro size heli that's similar to his 120sr. (i.e. mSR etc.)
Yeah I think i am confusing people with all my issues lol. Yes I am looking for a micro that handles similar to the 120SR and thought I had it sussed with the mSR before realising that it is now discontinued.

I have toyed with the idea of the mSRX but I think I would rather go the other route as it looks like a budgie on meth, and get a good fun co axial like the mCX2: As no one seems to have a bad word to say about it. It's a blade so can get the BNF and no problem with spares. It might not handle like the 120SR but my problem wasn't so much the the difference in handling a co axial compared with a single rotor when I made the switch but from going from a cheap indoor micro to a relatively powerful outdoor heli that I stupidly used indoors or in my garden and had it been in the big park near my house I don't think I would have had too much of a problem getting to grips with it.

Originally Posted by Jake8131 View Post
Good find. Never thought you would be able to find just the servo gear for sale but as erdnuckel mentioned I need it for my 120SR. Whether they are the same size I don't know but again, I'm in the UK so shipping costs would be more then just buying a complete new servo here. I will now look for somewhere here that might sell them or even, unbelievably, get off the couch and visit a real model shop which I haven't actually been into in probably 10 years!! I live in a little town and there is only one but I'm going to start persuading the missus to go on day trips to different ones even if it means a bit of a drive. It's like being a kid all over again

What a great hobby this is and this is coming from a guy with just one heli at the moment that is currently in about 10 pieces (heli not the guy) that had probably less then 20 minutes total flight time in its life and has had already almost a full rebuild once and needs more stuff again.

Someone got my card details from a site. I think I know which one (nothing to do with RCs) and so my bank has stopped my card and I was meant to have ordered the parts for my 120SR yesterday which I stupidly didn't do as I got dragged to lunch by my wife after uni even though I was soaking wet. The things we lads do eh

So in short as i have to make a decision soon. It will probably either be a second hand mSR or the mCX2. And the fixing up of my 120SR.
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