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I had the Blade mCPx v2 but after many crashes I decided to write it off and bought a V1 (with the intenion of putting my V2 board on the V1).

So I got the V1 lastnight and I hovered it I notice it is much louder than the v2 when I first got it (and even at the end). There is sort of more of a 'screech' off it.I also noticed the V1 board was much less reactive to the sticks to the point where I checked, and was sure my Dual Rates were on (30% aileron and elevator linear). They weren't.

I put the V2 board on and that solved the problem with the stick reactions but didn't change anything with the screech. It is much louder. I prefer it quieter but can live with it. Can anyone think of any possible reasons? I checked the main gear to make sure it was well set.

Maybe tonight I will replace main shaft, feathering shaft, main gear, and blades one my one to see if I can pinpoint the problem. Although if it is screeching possibly it is a bearing or something?

Thanks in advance.

Also got the Nano lastnight - loving it but crashed it about (20 times) trying inverted in the sitting room - so it is well broken in - well I consider this my Nano learner model so not too many worries there. But will be hoping the mCPx will last me a while this time.
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